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14 April 2009

Short portrait of William Eggleston

A short profile of William Eggleston, probably safe to say my favorite image maker. As narrated by his son Winston:

Via Hamburger Eyes, via A Photo Editor, via et. cetera.

Remind me to tell you sometime about the afternoon I spent with those two in Santa Monica while I was reporting for a not-very-good profile I wrote about him on the occasion of a retrospective at the Getty Center. I remember a book on Nazi architecture on the top shelf of a closet…an elegant yet slightly down-at-the-heel hotel near the ocean…an old phonograph playing…the fact that Eggleston barely said a word…and a wander around the soulless beach yuppie shopping districts surrounding the 3rd Street Promenade. At one point, I handed Eggleston my camera and he pointed it at the sky: click.

The Eggleston’s also happen to know their music.

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