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3 July 2009

Every now and again something almost makes me want to like jazz

As my industrymate Garrett Shelton wrote in his Facebook post where I discovered this, “You absolutely MUST check out this video of Branford Marsalis’ new drummer. Seriously, even you don’t like jazz. Or drums.”

NOTE: The video kind of lost me after the one minute mark.

Posted by Alec Hanley Bemis

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  1. On 2009-7-8 igor stravinsky said:

    faulkner kinda sucks. he plays too loud, tries too hard to sound like art blakey but is missing the technique and tries to sound like of tony williams but is missing the finesse.

    also that second video he sped the tempo by like 50 clicks…
    what a fucking dick. Plus anyone playing with any of the Marsalis brothers can suck a fat one.

    talk about sick jazz videos:

    its 7 minutes…watch the whole thing.espeically brad mehldau’s solo

  2. On 2009-7-8 igor stravinsky said:

    whoops – mehldau’s solo

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