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11 August 2009

Responsibility is my albatross

Seriously though. It is. The same can not be said about the San Francisco band Girls if their latest video is anything to go by.

And I love them for it. My previously established band crush continues. I am reminded of visits to friends in unfamiliar cities; of idealized staycations; of taking pleasure in your friends & what’s around you.

I clicked around some more online and found some older videos by them. These ones are a bit more homemade than the already homemade aesthetic of their more recent vids. I’ll admit that, by comparison, they are somewhat pitiful. In an awesome way — all of them suffused with that same California mood & California light. But still. Sort of pitifulawesome. After the jump, more of these halcyon days & halcyon ways.

Apparently this is the first take of “Lust for Life.” It is about days that you never get out of bed. It features an excellent bathrobe.

Last time I wrote about this band I discussed the low-rent Peter Saville aesthetic of their first record cover and, upon seeing this video, I had deja vu attack about a most excellent photograph of Saville himself — if memory serves a portrait by Wolfgang Tillmans — that appeared in Index Magazine, the last magazine over which I had a magazine crush. Here’s the picture:
Apologies that that is the largest reproduction I could find on the interwebs.

I think this one is about housesitting the expensive homes of friends who probably shouldn’t let you stay there in the first place. I especially like the self-kissing which begins at the 2:22 mark.

And this one is about days you never leave the park. It includes bongos & a synth muzak coda.

Here’s to days spent in bed. And to days spent in parks. And to friends with expensive houses who should not let you housesit them but let you do so anyway. Et. cetera.

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