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8 September 2009

These Are Powers offer no easy answers

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One reason I stopped being a full-time music writer is that I hate feeling compelled to write about what I’m hearing when language fails to do justice to the sound. It should also go without saying that, at times, what one sees at a concert actually seems even more important than the music.


Along those lines, I hope to write more in this space about synesthesia in the arts…


But, huh, now I’m starting to write checks that I cannot possibly cash. All I want to do right now is give you a brief introduction to an amazing new(ish) band I saw at a free show under an uncompleted stretch of Manhattan’s High Line Park this past Saturday. I’m not so much interested in what I might say about them but I do like my pictures.


What should we call what they do? I think the term “art rock” begins to describe it and, appropriately enough, I caught these moments in the city’s still-hanging-on art market capitol, the neighborhood of Chelsea. I’m pretty sure the no-fee admission was thanks, in part, to the patronage of Smirnoff vodka. (That’s not meant as a plug but rather a muffled snort of disapproval; it literally felt like they were shooting a commercial throughout the gig; what’s with the changing face of hipsterism?)


Anyway, enough out of me.


Here’s some basic facts on the band.


You can listen & watch a bit more at their MySpace. In this space I’m going to offer only snapshots.


Below: a video for These Are Powers excellent song “Easy Answers,” released this past June. Few songs have ever been titled so ironically. Answering what makes this song & this band so exciting is extremely complex.

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 9, 2009: This Q&A interview piece from the SF Bay Guardian’s Music Blog serves as a pretty sweet introduction to this band.

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