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5 November 2009

Julian Casablancas, before & after

In their not-so-complimentary review of Julian Casablancas’ solo debut, Pitchfork pointed to this fierce 2002 performance from the David Letterman show by his band The Strokes.

My lord.

They point, then, to this narcotized looking performance from last week’s Conan O’Brien show.

My lord. For very different reasons.

As one of the commenters on The Strokes video put it:

    Dear The Strokes,
    Please find it again.
    Sincerely, All your fans´╗┐

A few days ago I complained about emeritus rock critic Robert Hilburn’s “limitations as he contended with newer pop stars.” I try not to put musicians on a pedestal, but maybe it’s the newer pop stars who have limitations.

PS – News has also traveled that Casablancas has recorded a holiday cover of this song, a press stunt-like move which strangely gives me a bit more respect for the guy.

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