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6 November 2009

Albert York’s happy little trees


(Passage from The New Yorker profile via T&S’nKreps Gallery)

In a profile published in the mid-90s, Calvin Tompkins called the artist Albert York “the best unknown painter in America.” That’s a passage above is a quote from the piece. Last week Albert York died. I’m not quite sure what to make of his work: primitive virtue? Sketchy daubs? Creator of magic little, happy little trees? Like Giorgio Morandi, he seems a guy possessed of some witchy mystery I can’t argue with, a painter’s painter.





Posted by Alec Hanley Bemis

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  1. On 2010-7-5 Rex Ozone said:

    York was fantastic as Ryder in his struggle with paint and the sculptural effects he wrought to express the most direct and beautifully simple of compositions. I especially like the weightlifter with the snake, mass and line.

    I look at every landscape with the potential to incorporate a still life within it, a skeleton like ryder or an over worked sky laden with cloudy blue. why not mix landscape with animal painting and portrait or still life…they all exist at the same time and sometimes in the same field.

    RIP master painter and friend of “paradise”, now potentially lost.

  2. On 2013-11-19 Kevin said:

    He’s my inspiration and I’ve copied his works to get a feel for his immediacy and representation. I only aspire to his view that nature was all that was needed to inspire.

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