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6 December 2009

Hip-hop & male anxiety

(Image via Pigeons & Planes)

Two bits of hip-hop/r&b media have come to my attention in the last few days. First give a listen to R. Kelly’s new jam called “Pregnant” over at The Fader. (I’ve included a YouTube stream at the end of the post.) Second check out this latest Saturday Night Live digital short featuring Rhianna. Look soon as I imagine NBC will get this pulled down within 24 hours.

If I were to forecast what this particular weather pattern meant for the hip-hop community’s constant crisis of defining masculinity & femininity, my prediction at this moment would be hail stones, gall stones, buckets of responsibility with a slight chance of emasculation.

UPDATED DECEMBER 7, 2009: I’ve had to replace the embedded video of the SNL skit twice already because of takedown notices from NBC/Universal. So much for fair use for commentary purposes. If the embed is down while reading this post, may I suggest clicking here to take you to a YouTube search on “Shy Ronny”. It’s well worth it.

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