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6 April 2010

Quick thoughts on the iPad (from other people)

From butts to technology, never let it be said my interests are narrow. So, let’s talk about the iPad for a second.

The New York Times‘s David Pogue summarized it with the word “polarizing” — dividing his thoughts into a “Review for Techies” & a “Review for Everyone Else.” The Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg called it a “game changer.” Steve Jobs curiously and incisively (as is his way) used it as an opportunity to explain Apple’s existence “at the intersection of the Liberal Arts and Technology.” Hello, Steve Jobs — businessman and the closest thing the tech industry has to a benevolent philosopher-king (with an Orwellian tinge).

I almost assuredly will not buy one for a few years. (I still don’t have an iPhone.) But there is no question I am curious about its implications for media, for art, and for business. This talk between Charlie Rose, Mossberg and the Times’ columnist David Carr sussed out a lot of them.

Listen for key phrases like “Mouse killer” — “Goof proof computer for technophobes” — “Not good for creating stuff, great for consuming stuff.” We even get to hear Rose utter the words “What does it represent in a cosmic sense?” Trippy dude!

I could have used a fuller investigation of what the iPad represents for the virtual goods market. But that might be a topic too simultaneously heady & dry for journalists to suss out in the flesh. Instead there’s great real time demos of the interface. For Charlie Rose & PBS that’s the wow factor equivalent of CNN’s (slightly embarrassing) hologram interview.

This segment will probably only be available for a limited time online. Check it out now.

PS – I will reluctantly accept an iPad as a gift. Hint, hint.

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