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26 May 2010

Bo knows more than Diddley

Lessons from the music industry pt 1 — the first installment in a continuing series (?!?).

Bo Diddley said,

“You can get ripped off easier by a dude with a pen than you can by a dude with a gun.” (credit)

Some fun facts & fun vid after the jump:

From Wikipedia: “The Obamas’ dog, Bo, is also said to be named after him.”

From Wikipedia: “Bo Diddley was one of the first American male musicians to include women in his band, including ‘The Duchess Norma-Jean Wofford, Peggy Jones (aka “Lady Bo”), Cornelia Redmond (aka Cookie) and Debby Hastings, who led his band for the final 25 years of his performing career. He also set up one of the first home recording studios.”

Obligatory multimedia component:

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