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12 July 2010

That’s me on television aka Nuit Brooklyn @ Les Nuits de Fourvière 2010

The National, Dirty Projectors, Sharon Jones & St. Vincent all shared a stage earlier tonight (Central European Summer Time) at Les Nuits de Fourvière, a two-month long, multidisciplinary arts festival that happens every year in Lyon, France, about four hours Southeast of Paris by car.

This summer one of the festival’s artistic directors, Marc Cardonnel — his official title is Conseiller Artistique (tres chic!) — visited my neighborhood to get some more background on a night he’d booked dedicated to the musical life of our borough. Point being his crew filmed my interpretive waxations on the subject, wherein I trace the distinctions between Dirty Projectors (representing younger Brooklyn), The National (representing bourgie Brooklyn — pronounced boo-zhee and not really French), and Sharon Jones (i.e. real Brooklyn as in, like, she lived in Rockaway for awhile which is, to be frank, actually in Queens).

St. Vincent is nice and all but she’s more or less from Texas.

Also they made my hair look terrible:

In real life, I have better hair than that. I think. (I hope.) I’m not just a big mustache. (Moustache is, by the way, a 16th century French word. Not that they made me grow it.)

Anyway, you can read more about the festival right here. There’s both a French & English language option. That’s your call.

Also, because this blog is devoted not to on-topic ramblings that are pointed & sharp but rather wildly digressive ramblings that are insightful in a probing-the-subconscious mind kind of way, let me end this post by sharing a photo of the musical duo Tuck & Patti, which features St. Vincent’s uncle. No dis to Texas, Brooklyn or Gallic peoples anywhere, but based on the evidence she may, in fact, be of French heritage:

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  1. On 2010-7-12 Josh K-sky said:

    You are awesome on French TV. Also, amazing Tuck & Patti pull. We grew up on their “Time After Time”.

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