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2 August 2010

Kanye West on the underground, great pain & Renaissance painting

Say what you will about Kanye being a douchebag occasionally.

…but he also gives great Twit. And he is, right here, right now, onto some next level shit.

    “Great art comes from pain”

True enough.

    “I forget the word but there’s people throughout history that there responsibility is to be conveyors of truth onto next generations — there’s a word for that type of person — and I feel like I’m type of person that needs to carry on the truth that needs to tell the story not his story, to tell the story. It’s like Raphael painting Jesus’s wife knowing that the pope would have his head.”

Okay now.

    “It takes so much for a me or an Eminem or you know, to come back and embrace and say, you know what, but we have to deliver this on a major level to make a difference. It’s just such a shame that all your favorite artists are so underground. It’s like not cool for no one to hear shit anymore. And that’s the hipster justification of failure.”

Yes yes yes!

More importantly he is wearing some very nice suits. And I hear his forthcoming album is going to have some trippy collaborators from “the underground” which will blow our minds.

Follow him now.

(Note: I have categorized this as an Interview even though it is more of a Monologue. If you think about it long enough, you’ll realize the best Interviews are in fact just guided Monologues.)

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  1. On 2010-8-4 Toben said:

    A digression from the topic here, but I linked to you after reading one of the best commentaries I’ve come across, that of your 2001 review of Stars of the Lid’s “Tired Sounds of …” album at:

    I troll a lot of music review sites, both big (pitchfork/allmusic/metacritic) and small (cokemachineglow/tinymixtapes), and there is no scarcity of quality and engaging reviews among these. However, something about your review just went an additional step that almost all the others never get to: an unabashed, informed subjectivity that somehow doesn’t crowd the reader or pigeonhole the author. You blog has not disappointed me either. Keep up the insightful work…please, there are too few of you around.

    A new fan,

  2. On 2010-8-4 Alec Hanley Bemis said:

    Thanks Toben. Your comments are appreciated.

    I’ve pretty much moved on from making music writing my life work. These days I’m mostly advising artists about planning their careers. It uses a lot of the same tools I brought to my writing, but on an even more intimate and practical level.

    The blogging will continue & I’m definitely open to bigger writing projects as they arise. I have one project in particular in development right now that I’m quite excited about. I hope it’s far enough along in, say, six months or so that I can make some kind of official announcement. In the meantime, keep reading & thanks for your compliment. It’s appreciated.

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