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12 October 2011

Lana Del Rey: Pros & Cons

PRO: Last night’s live debut on Jools Holland was not a trainwreck.

CON: The music that hasn’t gone super viral yet kind of sucks. So her major career risk may not be trainwreckage. It may be abortion.

PRO: She* Tweeted this on October 7th: “Just as Debussy had to leave the sea to be inspired by its beauty for his melodies- I too must leave you so that the songs remain sweet”

CON: On a deep level, I am 100% certain her whole act is fake and contrived.

PRO: Sometimes fake & contrived is exactly what the culture calls for.

CON: Those lips! It’s like her handler svengali conflated old school Phil Spector and new school Phil Spector as if they were the same person.

PRO: From a postmodern perspective, what’s wrong with conflating old school and new school Phil Spector as a way of evolving pop music into a new future.

PRO: The actual video for “Video Games” is even better.

The Pros have it! For now…

* = By “She” I am referring to a yet-unknown handler svengali.

Posted by Alec Hanley Bemis

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