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22 February 2012

Music is a universal language

I have…mIxeD FeeLINngS about the TED or TED-like format. As one commenter noted about the presenter in the video I’m about to show you: “This´╗┐ guy is just stroking his psychological egoism on stage.” Indeed, that’s a criticism that can be levied against many of the presenters at these things. Ego is death, and too many of these conferences focus on great, attention-getting presentations without providing a holistic picture or prioritizing what in the world needs doing NOW.

In short: Too much sales pitch. — Not enough context.

That said, they’re usually inspiring — and we live in a world where inspiration is sometimes in short supply. So, without further adieu, an example of how music makes things possible and how it is, indeed, the universal language.

Posted by Alec Hanley Bemis

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