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29 September 2011

Steve Albini on New York City

Sometimes the most fun to be had is just to quote someone verbatim. Such is the case of this interview of Steve Albini by Gothamist.

So this is an interview for Gothamist, which is a New York-centric website.

I believe you.

Do you have any New York stories that you’d care to share?


You ridiculed New Yorkers pretty badly at your last Bell House show.

Well, there’s the thing about New York. New York is such a monolith that it’s pointless to have an opinion about it. It’s like bitching about the weather. It certainly won’t accomplish anything and it certainly won’t make you feel better about what you didn’t like. New York has a couple of characteristics that are undeniable and one of those is that it’s a magnet for assholes who couldn’t get any attention at home and decided that the problem wasn’t that they weren’t interesting but that there were all these squares around them in Dubuque or whatever and they need to go to some big cosmopolitan city like New York where people will appreciate them. So if you can imagine that scenario playing out within every city in North America and every one of those assholes with an opinion slightly outreaching his ability getting on a fucking Greyhound. You end up with a pretty good description of what’s annoying about New York is that it’s full of people whose self-image just ever-so-slightly outstrips their ability.
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6 September 2010

ATP Festival & Large People Crowdsufing: Some thoughts on 90s nostalgia

I remember the underground pop culture of the 90s. Indeed, I prefer to think of that time as an archive now — albeit one consigned to a series of digital files, not actual libraries. This recent Twitter stream from my friend Brandon serves as a good encapsulation. (I joked to him that his feed could be nicknamed Shit My Dad Says: 90s Alt-Rock Edition.) Or you can visit YouTube, a trove of nostalgia that brings you closer to the source of what it was really like:

This weekend’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, which I’ll admit I (regrettably!) attended only Saturday felt more like a living library curated by none other than 90s icon Jim Jarmusch. There’s advantages to the live part well enumerated in the article links embedded in this sentence. And there are disadvantages only hinted at in the brief half-life of a Twitter hashtag.

Catching up with the 90s, though, is not why I usually go to rock festivals. For example, I go to Coachella to discover what the 16 year olds are wearing these days. Read more »

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14 February 2010

Valentimes at All Tomorrow’s Parties

An image from last year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival at Kutcher’s in Monticello, NY.
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14 September 2009

Flashback to ATP/NY 2008: My Bloody Valentine

Click above for larger image.

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10 September 2009

Gone to All Tomorrow’s Parties for the weekend

UPDATED NOVEMBER 2, 2009: The full-length clips about ATP/NY that I posted via were limited-time-only affairs. Now that they’ve been removed, I have posted, in their stead, a proper trailer to the new documentary about the festival, Our True Intent.

As well this sweet ass picture of Pitchfork’s founder Ryan Schreiber performing cover tunes with Bradford Cox of Deerhunter & Atlas Sound (via The Daily Swarm).
I’ll spare you their rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Tiny Dancer.” That’s between you & YouTube.


ORIGINAL POST:: Tomorrow morning I am off to the ATP/NY a music festival in upstate New York — more specifically to the town of Monticello, home to Kutsher’s Country Club which Wikipedia refers to as “the last of the Borscht Belt grand resorts.” They play host to ATP, my favorite music festival. For an idea of what to expect think: the iconic setting of the film Dirty Dancing; the place where my Jewish ancestors had sketchy involvements with horse racing tracks; and a place which every 20 to 40something New Yorker with even a trace of Hebraic origins seems to have some connection to. (“My parents used to go there…”; “I used to go to Jewish sports camp there…” Et. al.)

Or you could just check out this clip from a film my friend Vincent Moon made at ATP/NY in 2008. I will start from the middle of the movie rather than from the beginning with this nice moment with long time operator of the hotel Helen Kutsher:

Part II
Film clip redacted

I will be working this weekend in my vague yet somehow all encompassing role as ATP’s “man on the ground” in America. There will, however, also be a great deal of pleasure mixed in. Generally speaking, I have a great distaste for music festivals. They are the concert equivalent of a warmed-over buffet meal (and I won’t bother to extend that metaphor). ATP though, is something else…

There’s more videos after the jump.
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