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13 January 2010

Game-changing & interesting



(PS – Photo via ???. I like this.)

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11 May 2009

Costume colors & a patterning that defiles the mind with loveliness (aka Bedazzle me now baby)

How to Blow up Two Heads at Once (Ladies) (2006)

How to Blow up Two Heads at Once (Ladies) (2006)

Generally when I dress I cut a rather shabby shape — old clothes, sometimes ill-fit. At best I’ve been complimented on my uniformity of dress. (In college, I wore white t-shirts and jeans with a ritualistic rigor; more recently I’ve become fond of black denim and button up shirts topped by a Filson vest that looks like it was cut from a single piece of thick, Beuys-like felt.)

No matter my personal style I can’t fight the allure of beautiful clothes; nor the sense that the last twenty odd years have seen a repeated incursion of art makers who use them as their medium of choice; nor the observation that, no matter what subculture these artists emerge from, my favorites seem to tropism toward the same aesthetic: psychedelic colors explode the eyes’ capacity to order what they see, a patchwork aesthetic that baffles even the thrift-store trained mind.

I’m speaking here of the gay Australian-British icon Leigh Bowery; the proto-indie, American collective Forcefield; the African-British, institutionally-approved Yinka Shonibare MBE (MBE!); and, most recently anointed, the Midwestern dancer and professor Nick Cave. (Visualizations, which I’ll try to prioritize over explication, come after the jump.)

This art world meme I’d like to delineate draws an odd narrative. The crossing of geographical and sociological boundaries makes no sense. However, the psychographic implications — to borrow my favorite term from the advertising & branding trades — are another thing, entirely. I’m hoping this short jaunt will draw some conclusions about that shared mentalities of the practitioners, tying this all together with a neat little bow. (Like a drawstring on the back of a dress, like a particularly eccentric cravat.)

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8 April 2009

Dave Hickey on Beauty & Bureaucrats

The first in what may become a series…

“Art dealers, I found, ‘only care about how it looks,’ while the art professionals employed by our new institutions ‘really care about what it means.’ Easy enough to say. Yet even if this were true (and I think it is), I can’t imagine any but the most demented naif giddily abandoning an autocrat who monitors appearances for a bureaucrat who monitors your soul.”

by Dave Hickey from “Enter the Dragon” in The Invisible Dragon: Essays on Beauty

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