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6 June 2011

I like this band Liturgy but I’m guessing you might not.

The charisma of “leader” (scare quotes!) Hunter Hunt-Hendrix makes them interesting. The intensity of drummer Greg Fox makes them more so. And the genealogy of guitar player Bernard Gann even more still.

Transcendental black metal? Whatevs. Here’s a solid interview with the band done by a classical critic. Genre shit just gets more and more complicated as we approach total systems collapse! There is some crucial video related to this post after the jump.
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26 December 2009

Black Christmas?

Is this what participants in Brooklyn’s culture industry do while everyone’s reuniting with their families over the holiday interval? Dress up in robes & hang fake Christmas trees from the rafters?

Well, no, my Christmas wasn’t quite so glamorous as all that. But this photo — which I snapped in 2005, right after a Sunn O))) show at the Brooklyn venue formerly known as North Six — should go some distance in proving I was ahead of the curve on the heavy metal resurgence. Of course, I went with this guy who was & is even more ahead of the curve.

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