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17 July 2013

New music for the content farm

Recently someone reminded me that I’m the owner of this here blog. What’s the saying: Use it or lose it? Well, actually, I don’t think there’s any chance that personal content farms will do anything but proliferate over the course of our current century, but maybe that saying is actually a metaphor?

So without further adieu, here are four songs I’ve enjoyed over the past few months, during which I have been an unprolific blogger:

Alastair Galbraith: “Everybody’s Got Pain”

Tom Rapp cover viz this

Radiohead: “Creep” (Live at the MTV Beach House)

Feist: “Graveyard”

I actually think “The Bad In Each Other” from the same album is a better song. And I’ve gone totally in the tank for the album in whole. But wow, “Graveyard,” great viddy!

AroarA: “#6”

Saw them playing as part of a band with Feist in Toronto. A new thing. A new band? It’s called Hydra. No one seems to know if it will come to anything. I do have a bit of advice for AroarA though: “Terrible band name dudes. Change it.” (Sorry that I shared that in public AroarA dudes! Take that with a grain of salt though. I’ve been wrong before.)

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17 January 2011

The power of a song, pt. 2

This one, sung by James Blake, but written by Feist.

People praise him for his combination of dubstep with evocative emotional chords rather than mere sound effects. But the underlying material don’t hurt. The thing is Feist too, understands the power of a song. Ergo this cover of Little Wing’s “Look at What the Light Did Now” which I’ve been meaning to share for awhile, from her documentary of the same name, in which she sings the song with it’s author present. (The film’s theme are the collaborative relationships which made her stardom even possible.)

The smartest artists realize that the line between what they make and what they create with others is so thin as to be non-existant — and that embracing that reality, and the collaborators themselves, is what will make them truly shine.

Like the light. No limit to love. Blah blah blah you say? Well, “Fuck You.” Twice. The best music is part of a continuum not a beginning or an end.

See what I’m talking about after the jump.
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