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16 January 2013

(Mis)communication in the digital age

This past autumn I went to Asia for the first time in over a decade. I saw the region with adult eyes. I Skyped a fair bit. I got gently lost. Words failed.

In the wake of the trip, I’ve occasionally found myself having strange dreams which seem to tie in. I dreamed of setting myself on fire in old age — to protest against something rather than accept death. Or perhaps he was embracing death? Or perhaps it’s just the ultimate example of a moment when you can smell your own human smell…

Life is lived on many layers now. Sights, thoughts. We’re no longer guided by smells. For any of us engaged in social media, computing, media creation, the Arts, et cetera there is a curtain of data floats which over reality. A scrim. This idea is rendered fictionally by The Matrix and made tangible by Google Glass. Some of us will login and, at first at least, many many more will choose not to.

Here is a whimsical selection of pictures about all that.

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New York Music Trade Mission to Hong Kong, China and Korea

- September 5, 2012 to September 15, 2012

Hello! Brassland is one of the beneficiaries of a federal grant to bolster independent music overseas. Long story short, they’re sending me to Asia this September. Here are articles about it in Billboard and the New York Times.

If you’re in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul or Beijing, or know some interesting people who are, please get in touch. Here are my dates:

Sept 6 > 8: Seoul, South Korea
Sept 9 > 11: Shanghai, China
Sept 11 > 13: Hong Kong
Sept 13 > 15: Beijing, China

This music industry trade mission was organized by A2IM with the support of the New York State and the Federal Small Business Association. Some more details here, and I’ll try to add more info here as I have it.

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