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7 January 2011

The power of a song

About a year ago, I found myself on the set of a late night television show on the same afternoon as a taping by the California group, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. At the time I didn’t take the band so seriously. Their leader, Edward Sharpe aka Alex Ebert, was formerly the lead singer of a not-so-serious band called Ima Robot. They were from Los Angeles, a city filled with not-so-serious bands, or at least bands I didn’t generally take that seriously (except maybe for the state’s more extreme punk bands). Worst of all, he seemed to be taking inspiration directly from a trend called freak-folk which, a few years after the trend has passed, kind of doesn’t require a long, drawn out explanation anymore.

Anyhoo, times have changed. I’ve come to realize the power of The Song to overwhelm sense, taste, aesthetics, reason.

That’s one of their songs.

(via Andrew Sullivan)

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