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28 September 2009

Addendum: Mary Margaret O’Hara > Mike Bloomberg, U2, BlackBerries

Credit: Nigel Scott via Luminato

I don’t want my permanent record to reflect that my favorite things are BlackBerries, Mike Bloomberg & U2. So, to clarify some confusions that have arisen in the real world since posting last week about Bono’s Bloomberg shout out I need to make three points.
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25 September 2009

Blackberry Loves U2; U2 Loves Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Last night I saw U2’s 360° Tour. This was definitely the WTF moment of the night. Via TheAwl:

And I say that as a supporter of Mike Bloomberg (albeit one suspicious of his third term shenanigans).

I was also struck by these billboards which seemed to take corporate sponsorship to a level at once more bland, straightforward & effective than any I could recall.
And I say this as a fan of my Blackberry. Maybe this is the best way for corporations to sponsor popular culture — in a manner that mimics the bland, straightforward, effective demeanor to which all internal corporate cultures aspire.

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