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30 August 2010

Die Antwoord + Aphex Twin = Next Next Level Shit

I tried ‘splaining to you back in February why Die Antwoord were onto some next level shit.

In that blog post, my proposed RIYL (recommended if you like) list of comparative artists included Vanilla Ice, Kool Keith, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Zomby, Aphex Twin. At the time, even I found that list of comparisons a bit much. But here we are, a few months later, and “Weird Al” has been added to an ATP Festival curated by the dramatic post-rock sad sacks in Godspeed! You Black Emperor. And now Aphex Twin has officially collaborated with Die Antwoord.

The evidence (via Pitchfork):

No there’s nothing groundbreaking about Die Antwoord’s contribution to the track — but still, one begins to wonder, what is the artistic world coming to. Or rather, one begins to take great joy in the open-mindedness with which visionaries of different emotional tenors are joining hands. Just goes to proove it takes some next level shit to recognize next level shit.

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2 August 2010

Kanye West on the underground, great pain & Renaissance painting

Say what you will about Kanye being a douchebag occasionally.

…but he also gives great Twit. And he is, right here, right now, onto some next level shit.

    “Great art comes from pain”

True enough.

    “I forget the word but there’s people throughout history that there responsibility is to be conveyors of truth onto next generations — there’s a word for that type of person — and I feel like I’m type of person that needs to carry on the truth that needs to tell the story not his story, to tell the story. It’s like Raphael painting Jesus’s wife knowing that the pope would have his head.”

Okay now.

    “It takes so much for a me or an Eminem or you know, to come back and embrace and say, you know what, but we have to deliver this on a major level to make a difference. It’s just such a shame that all your favorite artists are so underground. It’s like not cool for no one to hear shit anymore. And that’s the hipster justification of failure.”

Yes yes yes!

More importantly he is wearing some very nice suits. And I hear his forthcoming album is going to have some trippy collaborators from “the underground” which will blow our minds.

Follow him now.
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