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2 May 2011

A true American

I lack interest in politics for the same reason that I lack interest in sports: I don’t like being a spectator. But I’ll happily admit it sometimes delivers as in Barack Obama’s speech at this weekend’s White House correspondents’ dinner.

My favorite quote: “I want to make clear to the Fox news table, that was a joke. That was not my real birth video. That was a children’s cartoon. Call Disney if you won’t believe me. They have the original long-form version.”

It’s a contextual quote that will make more sense when you watch. Which you should.

PS – The above post was written before this happened, or at least since it was revealed. (I had a sneaking suspicion Obama may have known at the time of his most excellently delivered correspondents’ dinner speech.) Fingers crossed this might just be Obama’s comeback weekend. I will leave you with this tasteful coverage of the event from the Huffington Post.

Sometimes I wonder why I pay no attention to the media. Then I pay attention to the media, and all is clear.

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6 September 2010

ATP Festival & Large People Crowdsufing: Some thoughts on 90s nostalgia

I remember the underground pop culture of the 90s. Indeed, I prefer to think of that time as an archive now — albeit one consigned to a series of digital files, not actual libraries. This recent Twitter stream from my friend Brandon serves as a good encapsulation. (I joked to him that his feed could be nicknamed Shit My Dad Says: 90s Alt-Rock Edition.) Or you can visit YouTube, a trove of nostalgia that brings you closer to the source of what it was really like:

This weekend’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, which I’ll admit I (regrettably!) attended only Saturday felt more like a living library curated by none other than 90s icon Jim Jarmusch. There’s advantages to the live part well enumerated in the article links embedded in this sentence. And there are disadvantages only hinted at in the brief half-life of a Twitter hashtag.

Catching up with the 90s, though, is not why I usually go to rock festivals. For example, I go to Coachella to discover what the 16 year olds are wearing these days. Read more »

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