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20 August 2010

Some Weekend “Relief” by R. Kelly, Sam Amidon & Cee Lo Green

Question: What do you do when you love a cover so much that you search out the original — BUT YOU CANNOT FIND IT? That, my friends, is why YouTube was invented.

See above for the original of the song “Relief” by R. Kelly — YouTube being the only place it is easily found on the world wide web. (We searched Amazon, eMusic & iTunes to no avail.) Below is the quite excellent cover by Brassfriend Sam Amidon:

On the internets, at least, Sam Amidon‘s version seems to have gained commercial dominion. What an odd world we live in where the seemingly (but not really) ironic cover becomes more popular than the sincere (but not really, it couldn’t be, could it?) original?

And lest this post sound like last week’s news, here is the latest, internets-only hit burning up the webs & wires:

PS – Next week I’m taking a short holiday in Montreal. That means I’ll either (A) be blogging a lot, or (B) completely not.

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