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31 March 2010

Customer value & other virtues one might not expect in an avant-garde(ish) music festival: a particularly short attention span essay about Big Ears Festival & a trip down South I just took

Above photo of Nico Muhly and Mr. Doveman courtesy of the New York Times. All the rest except for the rockslide by me.

Apologies for being somewhat slack on the blogging front these last few weeks. Exciting activities among the family of musicians I’ve been working with the past few years have kept me away from computers more than usual. I spent much of the last week hanging out in the American South — a part of the country I rarely get to see — on the occasion of Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you want a more traditional & informative take on the festival I’ll point you to this New York Times review and then, perhaps, to the press & internet chatter on Brassland’s Twitwire.

To frame things a bit my way, though, I’ll lead off with some pictures from the trip. (Excuse the shoddy color correction. I’m trying to get this post up in internet speed.)

First the inside of God’s Storehouse, a food pantry and thrift shop I stopped at somewhere near Greeneville, Tennessee.

And here’s a bit more local color from the same. Read more »

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