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12 April 2010

Scott Williams starring in “Nirvana on ice”: a worthy internet meme & some thoughts on web commentary

“Again, very unusual choreography.”

“I always want to know how do they skate in those jeans?”

“Scott doesn’t have a long list of medals or credentials as an amateur but he’s really come into his own as a professional and a performer and he’s always valuable to a show.”

And that sample from the color commentary is only the beginning of the awkwardness on display in this video — an internet meme I’ve been sitting on for awhile. I’ve done the research. It’s not an internet parody, a YouTube vid equivalent of Blades of Glory.

Nope, rather this is figure skater Scott Williams‘ championship effort to revolutionize skating. Just to show the shallowness of the information available on the internet, I clicked in three links deep into this meme without so much as seeing the skater’s name written out. It took watching the whole thing (boring!), listening to to the commenters announce his name, and then doing a Google search to figure it out (boring!).

But wait a second, is the dialogue on the internet so shallow after all? Read more »

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