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15 February 2008

Sonic Youth: They Are Not Rock. They Curate Rock.

More from my thoughtstream about artists who might be taking too much inspiration from other art….

First, here’s an image I’d like you to consider: Sonic Youth rocking out last week at Marc Jacobs’ show during New York Fashion Week.

Pile that on top of the news Thurston Moore let leak that SY are in the midst of curating a traveling art exhibit:
“We’re putting together this museum show that’s utilizing all the artists that we’ve worked with on different covers and concepts, and that’s going to happen for two or three years… It’s going to happen in young museums, there’s one outside of Paris, there’s one in Malmö, Sweden.”

The blog which reported this news noted that Moore’s leak came “after the band played ‘Kool Thing’ at Jacobs’s request.” I’m not one to get holier-than-thou about bands selling out — selling out is how bands get by — but I’ll admit that sentence fragment made me throw up a little in my mouth.

More vomitus after the jump!
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