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7 March 2011

Michael Moore stirs some s**t and all I did was hang out on this hillside for two weeks.

As I’ve been fond of reminding everyone I’ve run into the last few days (because I’m something of a smarmy shit), I have been embedded in a cabin-like structure on a hillside in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles for over two weeks now. I’ve been busying myself with serious business — happily without television and disconnected from tiger blood, the blood in the streets of the middle east, and various civic demonizations of public employees. (My mom, a former teacher, is not psyched!)

Here’s a picture of my Pacific idyll:

Nothing fancy, really, but this image captures the feeling. I imagine this as the view as seen through a hummingbird’s eyes — an infinitesimal creature capable of stillness, yet always buzzing to hold their place in the air.

Anyhoo, as I prepare to re-enter civilization with a vengeance, this speech from a few days ago by “documentarian” (quotes necessary!) Michael Moore stirred my deepest bits. There is a fair bit of demagoguery here and, perhaps, a share of bad faith (the issue which is really most responsible for tearing our culture apart). But he gets to the emotional and intellectual gist of things in a way that I can get behind.

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