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15 March 2010

“I have felt the pulse of modern art and know that it will die!” …just like neck beards.

Thank you Alex Ross for excerpting this quote which I’ve further abridged, below. I’ve done so because it’s too damn long in the original — sort of making the point of the quote itself:

    “I have felt the pulse of modern art and know that it will die! This knowledge, however, fills me not with despondency but with joy, for I know at the same time that it is not art in general which will perish but only our own particular type of art—which stands remote from modern life—, whereas true—imperishable—constantly renewed art is still to be born… I renounce all fame, and more especially the insane specter of posthumous fame, because I love humankind far too dearly to condemn them, out of self-love, to the kind of poverty of ideas which alone sustains the fame of dead composers.”

Which is to say, among other things, that formats of creativity which — in their own day — seemed completely compelling in all their length and glory, might seem, today, well, s-l-o-w compared to faster forms. No, Twitting is not the answer. But it is a clue.

Cormac has some thoughts about this as well. When I quoted him, it proved one of my most-commented on posts.

On the same topic, have any of you read Reality Hunger yet? Thoughts? Feelings?

And, well, to Richard: thanks for the the message in a bottle from the 19th century, but, shit, I really do still feel like I need to get around to at least one viewing of Der Ring, even in an excerpt:

You really did get it right about neck beards though. They just weren’t meant to last.

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